Thursday, December 03, 2009

You can't cure stupid!

Tiger Woods, enough said. Wait a minute. I was talking with a customer at the restaurant on Monday and he hit the nail on the head about the whole Tiger Woods thing. He told, me "This guy has an entourage of about a hundred people to handle everything for him and this is the best story that they could come up with?"

Chris Matthews, "Hardball" evidently describes that object in his head where most of us have our brains. For those of you who have been in a coma the past couple of days, Matthews described Obama's visit to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point as "going to the enemy camp". Matthews has since issued an apology for his stupidity. Note to Mr. Matthews, the enemy camp is wherever I pitch my tent.

Barbara Boxer, the California Cunt, is at it again. As the story breaks of massive fraud in climate change data, Boxer called for an investigation. Not an investigation into the fraud perpetrated by those working for government grants and manipulating the data, but an investigation into those who released the e-mails and other documents outlining the fraud.

Global Warming is a fraud. As more documents become available, it will become obvious to even the dim-witted among us (this means the liberals), that the data has been manipulated to enrich the liars and hypocrites among us. This is Al Gore's cue to stand up and face "The Inconvenient Truth". You morons who have been traveling in private jets and SUVs telling the rest of us to change our lives to fight climate change have been lying.

Senate Democrats. Senator Tom Coburn has been attacked by Democrats who claim that he doesn't understand the "Health Care" bill. Just for the record, Coburn is one of two licensed doctors in the Senate. What would a doctor know about health care?? Coburn claims that the Senate bill, at more than 2000 pages, costs the taxpayers 6.8 million dollars per word.


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