Thursday, November 19, 2009

I love stupid people- part 5

Today's local winner in the "I love stupid people" competition is the North Carolina Highway Patrol. A quick tip of the campaign hat goes to the squad of four dopey Smokies who decide to stage a license check at the exit ramp from US 29 to Highway 158 East and Highway 14 near Reidsville. As I tried to exit US 29 on my way home at 4:40 PM, I saw the familiar blue lights flashing ahead. It normally takes less than 30 seconds to get down the ramp to US 158. Today it was a 7 minute trip. When I reached the front of the line, I looked back and saw traffic backing up onto US 29. My wife called me a few minutes later. She had bypassed the exit and wanted to know if there was an accident. I explained the situation and told her there were no accidents, yet. She said that traffic was backed up about half a mile down US 29. If they are just trying to catch Mexicans without licenses, wouldn't it be easier and safer just to set up near the Wal-Mart?

The national winner is Eric Holder, US Attorney General. This moron is bringing terrorists to New York for trials. We don't have enough nuts here, we have to import more? Are you serious? The only way that this will get any support is if Holder agrees to set up the gallows to hang these bastards at the World Trade Center site.

I tried to pick a winner at the restaurant this week. Too many entries, too little time.


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