Saturday, November 14, 2009

How Low Will He Go???

The Obama Lama kicked off his "How Low Will He Go?" world tour today in Japan. The man that some in the press refer to as the "Pacific President" greeted the Emperor of Japan with either a deep bow or an attempt to polish the Emperor's new shoes.

Given the controversy a few months ago concerning his bow, stumble, trip, back spasm, or whatever you believe to the King of Saudi Arabia, you would think that he would not repeat that mistake. The Obama Lama, described by his legion of fans in the media as "cerebral", is apparently a slow learner. Those in the media should look up "cerebral" in the dictionary. Rather than explain "dictionary" to those folks, just tell them to Google the word.

The Obama Lama was given the moniker "Pacific President" by those in the media who believe that he was born in Hawaii and grew up in Indonesia. Do not count the newly unemployed Lou Dobbs in that group. Feel free to ignore the fact that Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world with 88% of the population being Muslims. I am sure that the Obama Lama was not influenced by that environment. I am also sure that living all my life in the South has had no effect on my perspectives.

There is actually a simple explanation for all of this bowing. The Obama Lama is not bowing. He is actually bending over to moon the reporters. He just keeps forgetting to drop his pants. Then again, maybe he's just waiting for Michelle to tell him that it is okay to drop his pants.


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