Friday, November 13, 2009

ACORN is just nuts!!

ACORN has filed a lawsuit claiming that Congress violated the Constitution when it eliminated their funding. According to their lawsuit, it is unconstitutional for the Congress to single out one group for a funding cut.

The ACORN nuts are represented by the Center for Constitutional Rights. The Center was founded in 1966 by a group of radical lawyers. All I needed to see was that one of the founders was William Kunstler.

Has anyone in ACORN or their attorneys even read the Constitution?? They are dead wrong. It is not unconstitutional to eliminate their funding.

Among those of us who have read the Constitution and believe in it, the response to the ACORN claim is simple. It is actually unconstitutional for the Congress to fund that group. The Congress started moving away from the Constitution 200 years ago. Their accomplices, the Presidents and the Supreme Court, have also moved away from the Constitution.

Over the years the federal government has strayed away from our founding principles at the speed of light, sometimes faster. Their actions have resulted in the mess that we face today. The state governments have also ignored our founding principles.

Let's go back to the ideas that our Founding Fathers laid out and see how that will work. We can start by requiring that all elected officials have read the Constitution and can demonstrate their understanding of it. No need to pass a law, just start asking questions at town hall meetings and other places where candidates appear begging for votes. Don't vote for those who can't answer those questions.

The idea advocated by those who want to fund all this crap that is outside of the Constitution is that the Constitution is a "living, breathing document". This is "living, breathing" bullshit. If the Constitution needs changing, it has a process for it. Read it!

We are broke today because we are taxing and overtaxing our citizens to fund things that the government should not be funding. We don't need to look any further than the states of California and New York to see where the road to socialism leads, bankruptcy. It is time for voters to start another American Revolution and hold our elected officials responsible for their actions.


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