Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's add 220 to the unemployed!!

The 220 members of the House of Representatives who voted for the "Health Care Reform" bill should all be removed from office in the next election. These folks all voted to mandate that you buy insurance or go to jail. That's the real "public option" that the Democrats support. The House voted on this measure late on Saturday night. You have to figure that if the House is in session on Saturday, there's nothing good happening.

The same government that wants to give terrorists at Guantanamo Bay flu shots wants to run health care. There isn't enough of the vaccine available for me to get a flu shot, but the prisoners can get it. Go figure!!

The same government that didn't realize that one of their own Army doctors was crazy wants to pick a doctor for me. No thanks, guys!

If they can save all this money on Medicare, a simple question begs asking. Why haven't they done it before??

I realize that there are no real business people in the House but, don't they understand that if you tax insurance companies to pay for this, they are just going to raise their rates to cover the extra taxes??

Did anyone in the House actually read the entire bill? We need to make all members pass a written test on the bill before voting on the final passage of the bill.

Did anyone in the House even glance at the Senate bill before voting? There are very few similarities between the two. Assuming that the Senate bill will even get to a vote, the conference to reconcile the two bills will be a bitch.

Will all members of Congress be subject to the same health care as the rest of us??


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