Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

One of our younger employees asked someone today, "What's a phone book?" I feel older and much smarter now.

The government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul.

Someday I am going to do a formal study on why the biggest assholes among our customers have just come from church on Sunday. Several years ago, a customer complained about some minor problem. When he finished, he asked, "What do you think?" I responded, "I don't think that you paid attention at church today." As he departed in a huff, he made some un-Christian remark. I just laughed and went to listen to the next guy who had slept through the sermon. Attention hypocrites: Your testimony has more meaning if you aren't an asshole to those serving you lunch.

What two words cannot be understood by many drivers? "NO PARKING". At the Harris Teeter on Pisgah Church Road, they have tried everything but land mines to keep people from parking in the fire lane at the front of the store. I told the manager that they were wasting their time with morons. It's time for the police and the fire marshall to start towing and impounding cars. I can't decide if:
1. The morons don't understand "NO".
2. The morons don't understand "Parking".
3. "Tow away zone" is more words than they can read.
4. The moron view is "I'll just tell them that I don't speak English".
5. The moron view is that "Those rules be discriminating against me."

The reality is that they are all just too frigging lazy to walk. Putting those Red Box DVD rental machines near the front doors was liking putting shit down in front of flies. They just have to park less than 10 steps away from them. I am thinking that a few landmines might be the way to go.

Interesting story in the Greensboro News & Record today. A group of owners of small hydroelectric power plants on the Deep River are suing the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority for building a dam that they think will reduce the value of their old, decrepit, barely working or not working facilities. As this dam has been under consideration for more than 50 years, there is no word as to why they didn't sue earlier. They have already received a favorable ruling from a state judge. One owner, Chip Hagan, attorney and husband of U.S. Senator Kay Hagan, has a plant that can produce a whopping 650 KW. By pure coincidence, his wife recommended the state judge for a federal judgeship just nine days before he ruled in favor of her husband. Say it ain't so!!!!! She withdrew the judge's nomination after a call from the News & Record. She denies knowing that the judge was hearing her husband's case.

In case you missed my comment last year, Kay Hagan reminds me of Goober Pyle doing a bad impersonation of Bette Midler. I will withhold comment about Senator Hagan's actions until the crook runs for re-election.


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