Saturday, November 28, 2009

9 Iron or Pitching Wedge??

The world is fascinated with the story about Tiger Woods' 2:20 A.M. auto "accident". Mr. Woods suffered slight injuries in the "accident". He was treated and released at a local hospital. Reports are that his wife used a golf club to smash the rear windows and free Tiger from his Escalade.

I am not a professional automobile accident investigator and I don't play one on TV, but this story doesn't make sense.

According to police, his wife said that she was in the house and heard the crash. She used a golf club to smash BOTH REAR windows in the Escalade to free her husband. Maybe I am just a little overly skeptical, but I do have a few questions.

1. Did she see the accident and grab a golf club on the way outside so that she could "free" him? Why take a golf club?
2. Why did she have to "free" her husband from an upright SUV?
3. If she didn't take a club out the first time, then tried to "free" him and found the doors locked, she then had to go back to the house to get a golf club. Why not get the keys??
4. Why break out 2 back windows if her husband is in the front seat?
5. How did he get out of the car??
6. Does anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature believe this story?
7. If I am involved in an accident and the police come to my house to interview me, will they come back the next day if my wife tells them that I am sleeping? Why should a celebrity get preferential treatment from the police?

It is obvious to a blind man that this is a simple case of domestic violence. You have got to love the irony of him getting smacked with a golf club. Golfers everywhere want to know, what club did she use??


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