Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Circus is leaving town and not coming back!!

Ringling Brothers announced that this is their final season and they are shutting down after more than 140 years.

While the circus has lost a lot of appeal to new audiences, the final straw was the removal of the elephants last year. This caused a dramatic drop in attendance. Somewhere, Phineas Taylor Barnum is rolling over in his grave. He started the elephant thing with Jumbo. Of course, Jumbo also lost to technology when he was hit by a train.

Despite winning a lawsuit against the Humane Society and other animal rights activists, the circus could not survive the endless attacks by animal lovers and their friends in government who tried to regulate the circus out of business.

Our society has advanced so much that children are no longer entertained by watching wild animals who have been trained to do tricks. Our children are so accustomed to "virtual reality" and video games that actual reality cannot compete.

Or have we advanced? Now we spend billions of dollars a year to watch humans who have been trained to do tricks. We watch humans try to throw a baseball past a guy trying to hit it with a stick. We watch men skating on ice trying to hit a puck into a net. Of course, that's when they aren't fighting each other. In basketball, a man 7 feet tall is applauded for cramming a basketball through a net that is only 3 feet above his head. WOW!!  In football, we scream when someone kicks a ball between 2 posts. There is thunderous applause when a man takes the football and runs five yards as others try to stop him. In golf, they walk hundreds of yards trying to hit a small ball into a small hole in the ground. That's a waste of acres of good pasture land.

While the Humane Society and the ASPCA raise and spend millions of dollars to end cock fighting and dog fighting, maybe we need a HUMAN Society in this land. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent  every year watching events like boxing, MMA, UFC and other similar events. Crowds attend these live events while others watch on Pay Per View. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to watch men and now, women beat each other until one can no longer compete. WOW!! We can't bear to watch an elephant stand on its back legs, but watching two guys punch each other until one is unconscious is entertainment??

Maybe we have not advanced?? This is just a modern version of the old gladiators in Rome.


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