Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary, sick on Sunday???

I spent 42 years as a restaurant manager. I listened to thousands of employees tell me why they were sick and could not come to work or why they were sick and had to leave work. It's always in the details where you find the real truth.

So Hillary Clinton had to leave work early on Sunday because according to her campaign and the mainstream press, it was hot, she became overheated, and she was dehydrated. Let's look at the details.

The National Weather Service information destroyed the idea that it was hot. It was 81 or less at the time. CNN reported that Hillary overheated because she had on long sleeves and a jacket to complete her pantsuit. Look at the pictures of the men around her. The Secret Service guys were all wearing coats. Most of the "dignitaries" were wearing coats. Trump was nearby and he was wearing a coat and a tie to go with his long sleeved shirt. Has anyone checked with the Emergency Services people to see how many other people collapsed from the heat that day?? So did she really overheat? No signs that her clothes were drenched with perspiration. Let's move on.

The campaign, the media, a doctor, all tell us that she was dehydrated. Before we accept this as a fact, look at the actions of all involved. Is there a picture of anyone giving her liquids at any time  during the whole event? They are telling me that she is dehydrated and they knew it. Why didn't anyone do anything about it?? In her huge entourage, nobody could give her a bottle of water??  It's New York City!! How far could they be from a street vendor selling something to drink? Water would have been great but even a soft drink, beer, coffee, tea, would have been better than nothing. All those people and no one could even come up with a Slurpee??

I am calling B.S. on the whole story. She has some serious issues that need to be addressed. Remember, the Democrats would not let the nation see FDR in a wheelchair!!


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