Sunday, August 28, 2016

Two Schmuck Sunday

Today was National Go Topless Day.

I thought about this as my wife, my younger son, and I were eating lunch at the Long John Silver in Danville. I looked around the room at all of the other customers and employees before offering thanks to God that no one was celebrating National Topless Day. Before you men get too cocky out there, almost all of us look better with a shirt on also. With that out of my system, on to the main events.

The world is awed by the stupidity of Colin Kaepernick, the backup quarterback for the San Francisco. He refuses to stand for the national anthem claiming that was protesting blacks and other people of color being oppressed. He also mentioned "bodies in the street"..

Mr. Kaepernick makes $19 million dollars a year to play a game. Right now he is playing that game poorly. Against Green Bay, after coming off the bench where he sat during the national anthem, he completed 4 out of 6 passes for a whopping 14 yards. San Francisco should have just left him on the bench.

Mr. Kaepernick is bi-racial. His black father deserted Colin's young white mother and the baby. The mother allowed a white couple to adopt the baby and raise him. This is oppression??

San Francisco should trade Kaepernick to the Chicago Bears where he can witness "dead bodies in the street". Every month 30 to 50 young black men are killed by other young black men in Chicago. This is oppression by blacks against their own people. Explain that to us, Mr. Kaepernick.

Chuck Todd on Meet the Press is the most biased human on the planet. I have met guys in the KKK who are more open to other points of view. He's obviously the head of some liberal Klan-like group for left wingers.

I watched ten minutes of Meet the Press about a year ago. Now, I just wait to read the leftist, socialist swill that Mr. Todd pukes on Sundays. I check the news on Sunday afternoon in the hopes that some guest has just beaten the shit out of Chuck Todd. That must be why the conservative guests are never in the same studio. Conservatives who are invited to appear should just ignore the invitations.

How long before Chuck Todd invites Colin Kaepernick to discuss his views with the world?? It will be a meeting of the witless. Maybe the government can place them in the "witless protection program". It can keep facts out of their heads!!


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