Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mr. Boffo and Baton Rouge??

Let's face it, Obama is just crap!!

If Obama had any balls and no evidence exists of that, he would have taken some kind of action after the shootings in Baton Rouge today.

What could the President do? He could have called Hillary's new best friend, James Comey and told him to get his butt and those of 50 of his best agents down to Baton Rouge by dawn on Monday. Let's find out how and why a guy from Kansas City is shooting cops in Baton Rouge. Is anyone else involved?? How about a little federal support to help out Baton Rouge?? Has the FBI done anything in Dallas?

Is the DOJ going to investigate whether the police had their civil rights violated? Let's face it, every time a career criminal is killed by the police, they want the DOJ to find out about his civil rights. Surely, the reverse must be true.

It appears that the killing of policemen follows Black Lives Matter around. Are they inciting riots? Who is funding BLM?? Who has pockets deep enough to have protesters bussed in to a demonstration and then get those arrested out of jail??

What if the President were to suggest that Congress pass a law making it a federal offense to kill a law enforcement officer? How about using the death penalty on that? Before Obama and the other amateur lawyers weigh in, this guy apparently crossed state lines to kill the police officers.

Can someone in Washington explain to Obama and the Democrats what a criminal is?? They don't seem to grasp the concept. Somewhere I have a book of cartoons called "Mr. Boffo, Unclear on the concept"  Obama must have been the inspiration for that.

Here's what we don't need. We don't need another one of his famous White House summit meetings. His idea of handling the race issues is to take off his coat, roll up his sleeves, and make sure that all attendees are seated black, white, black, white, black white......... What a moron!!


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