Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Smart? Phones

I was just reading an article about people who die while taking selfies. The problem is growing at an incredible rate.

How many will die before we get serious about this issue? There's nothing in The Constitution about a right to smartphones!

Let's start doing background checks on smartphone purchasers. Let's restrict ownership of smartphones to those over 21. Why do you need a phone that can take that many pictures?? Are there limits on how many smartphones you can purchase??... Are there people with multiple smartphones? Do we need to start training people in how to walk and operate a phone? How many innocent people will die before we do something about this?? Why are we letting children use these phones?

If we could just save one life by eliminating smartphones, wouldn't it be worth it?? Let's sue all the manufacturers for not warning us about the potential for getting killed while using a smartphone. It's time for the Department of Justice to take on BIG Smartphone. Obama needs to issue an executive order for everyone to turn in their smartphones.

Then again, maybe the people who are dying are just proving that Darwin was right. Forget that I said anything.


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