Friday, August 26, 2016

Another Fun Filled Friday

It's getting late on Friday and I thought that I should burn a few minutes at the keyboard.

My son William and I went to a presale at an Estate Tag Sale in Floyd, Virginia yesterday. When you buy junk by the van load, they are always willing to let you in to view and buy before the masses arrive. Didn't buy anything incredible, but the van was almost full. I did buy a Craftsman brand meat cleaver from the 1950's. Can't have too many cleavers. In Floyd County, Virginia, I saw several "Hillary for prison 2916" signs. It is those little things that make life worthwhile.

What did we do for entertainment before Facebook? I recall actual conversations with people. What I do like about Facebook is that when I get tired of reading swill from "friends", I can just block them or "unfriend" them. It's not that easy in the real world.

I am thinking about dropping "Dish Network". Two hundred stations and nothing fit to watch. I think the only reason I keep it is the DVR. I can back it up if I missed something or want to see it again. I wish they had that for car radios. I am always missing something and getting frustrated. Guess that I will just use the CD player.

Hillary Clinton is attacking Trump calling him a racist. She is either slandering him or doesn't actually understand what makes up a racist. I met a FEW guys in the Sons of Confederate Veterans who were blatant racists. Their idea of a "liberal" was someone who didn't believe in slavery. Kirk, I will give you a break and not mention any names. Okay, I won't mention any last names.

Speaking of the Sons, I wonder how my old buddy Ronnie Gene Wilson is doing. Ronnie is the guy who as Commander-in-Chief of the SCV, tried to have some of us removed for "conduct unbecoming a Southern gentleman. The last picture that I saw of Ronnie was him being led from a courtroom in handcuffs and shackles. Ronnie was convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme that took 50 or 60 million dollars from his family and friends. As a matter of personal pleasure, I hope that he ripped off some of his SCV buddies.

Back to Facebook. A little earlier today, I had a couple of "friend" suggestions. One was Ron Horgan, the current pastor at Buffalo Church. I just went ahead and blocked him for fear that he would contact me. I guess that Facebook suggested him because Satan doesn't have a Facebook page.

Bill Fortson, a longtime Tex & Shirley's customer passed away in early August. I last saw him about three months ago. He told me that he had pancreatic cancer and would not be around long. He and his late wife were in almost every day. He will be missed.

Sixteen months after hiring an interim pastor, the EPC is finally letting Buffalo Church hold a congregational meeting to form a Pastor Search Committee to find a permanent pastor. I guess they didn't want them to rush into anything. More on the Good Old Boy network at the EPC on another day.

I heard a rumor that Jimmy Hoffa had met with Bill and Hillary Clinton a few days before he went missing. Just saying?

Stunned by the news that the "Cajun Navy" had saved hundreds of people in the recent floods, the state legislature is considering regulating their activities. Stunned by the realization that private individuals can react faster and more effectively than the government, the government seeks to regulate this. How many people would have perished waiting for the government? When the President's priority is to play golf with the rich folks in Martha's Vineyard, what are the priorities of those he directs? Great leaders lead from the front. Obama leads from the front nine.


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