Monday, October 24, 2016

"Fact Checkers" = Pure B.S.

The most overused phrase in the media this year is "Fact Check".  The networks are all "fact checking" some one's statement. Newspapers are telling us that they "fact checked" Trump's words. I don't see many headlines where Hillary is "fact checked".

Let's be honest here. I think that media "fact checking" is just crap. Since I am pretty sure that all of the fact checkers make extensive use of the Internet, let's start there. I will bet that there are days that Al Gore wishes that he had never invented the Internet. I am just going to look at Google and Yahoo search engine results. I searched a few phrases that seem to be popular.

I am going to list the phrase searched and the number of items available on each search engine.

Phrase                                                              Yahoo                               Google
Hillary Clinton + Benghazi Attack                     1,840,000                       492,000
Donald Trump + women                                    22,700,000                      221,000,000
Donald Trump  + nuclear weapons                    4,300,000                        1,670,000
Hillary Clinton + nuclear Weapons                    2,120,000                        1,650,00
Hillary Clinton + lesbian                                    4,640,000                        719,000
Donald Trump + homosexual                             1,510,000                        1,420,000

A quick look at these stats tells me two things. First, if you are going to research these subjects, you can not possibly examine "ALL" of the facts available. You can't even examine all of the information available online. This doesn't even  include those things that the old guys among us like to use, books. Second, apparently there is much more data on Trump and women than there is about Trump and nuclear weapons. I guess that we all have our priorities.

So are fact checkers actually checking all of the facts? NO!! They are examining only a small portion of the information available. The problem is that on the Internet, there are probably a million results that can all be traced back to one statement. Then the question to ask is "How credible is this source?" Here's the harsh reality about "fact checkers". They will find the facts that substantiate their point of view and stop. Every "fact checker" has an objective and a time limit.

My only hope is that on November 9, the phrase "fact checker" disappears from use.


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