Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump and Media Bias, Really??

My son and I attended the Trump rally in Greensboro on Friday afternoon. It was a first hand introduction for my son into the bias of the mainstream media.

We arrived at 11:00 AM and waited a few minutes for the gates to open for the 2:00 PM rally. As we waited, we talked to the folks around us and enjoyed their company. Trump arrived around 2:30 PM. A few minutes into his speech, some protesters in the lawn area were escorted from the rally. A few minutes later, we saw a guy carrying a United States flag upside down and dragging the ground. He was shouting something.   Trump pointed  and said "Get him out." The protester started up the stairs and a young man was behind him. The young man had his hand out towards the demonstrator's back. As they came up the stairs, a scuffle ensued. My son had the seat on the aisle and said that the protester started swinging at the other guy. As they passed us, the man behind us stepped out to help. Just past our row, the police met the protester and the others. The scuffle continued as the protester knocked the police officer's body camera to the ground. Trump continued his speech.

When we got home later, we watched the News on Fox 8. Imagine our surprise when the Fox 8 report was that a protester had been assaulted at the Trump rally. That was also the story headline on their website. My son dispatched an e-mail to the station concerning their story. No response yet.
About ten minutes after the "assaulted" protester had left, there were two more demonstrators. These were two young women who appeared to be in their early twenties. One was white, one was black. They were wearing shirts with the message "Bill Clinton is a rapist". They jumped up and down and danced a little to give the crowd time to read the message on their shirts. Several policemen raced down the steps to take them away. The rally continued without any more interruptions.

What did we learn about the media from this? Fox 8 reported that the flag protester had been placed in a "headlock". This was one of those "special" headlocks, visible only to reporters. The demonstrator passed less than three feet from us and we saw no headlock. The reporter did not report seeing the police officer's body camera being knocked off. It was on the step on the row right behind us. There was no mention of the two young women and their "Bill Clinton" demonstration. Since the media tells us that Trump has no support among women and blacks, they could not mention this.  I almost forgot the best part! The young man who was behind the flag protester, escorting him out,  was black. He was also wearing a "Gays for Trump" tee shirt. Fox 8 could not mention any of this because it challenges the media's representation of Trump supporters. So much for "fair and balanced".


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