Monday, January 09, 2017

Snow News is Good News??

The first snow of the winter was upon us this weekend. It started Friday evening and continued until Saturday afternoon. Here at home, less than a mile from historic Downtown Casville, we had about 8" of snow. I am not a fan of snow, but that's for another post, another day. The temperature has not been above the freezing mark since Friday evening and was zero degrees this morning.  Thrilled that the temperature will near 40 tomorrow, here are a few thoughts.

At another senseless Hollywood awards ceremony last night Meryl Streep and a couple of other actors took their time in the spotlight to criticize Trump. These are people who make a living pretending to be someone else. Who gives a rat's ass what Meryl Streep thinks??  She's an actor!! This is just another part in a play for her. Is this a remake of "The Idiot"??

Cher claims that every time she sees Trump, she wants to shoot herself. Yet she still lives. What's going on? Do I need to send her a Trump video? Does she need a gun? Has she tried and can't pull it off? WAIT, I KNOW!!  She is shooting herself in the ear and the bullet is just going straight through without damaging anything. That's the way it works in cartoons. Memo to Cher. Honey, call me if you need ammo!

From the "Intelligence" community of the United States government comes the news that the Russians tried to influence the Presidential election by "hacking". They purport that the Russians tried to illegally influence the election by hacking the  computer system of the Democratic Party, who it turns out were also trying to illegally influence the Presidential election. While the FBI claims that the Russkies hacked the computer system of the Socialists (Democrats), there is no evidence that the FBI has actually examined the computer system of the Democrats. This from the same law enforcement group that brought us Waco and Ruby Ridge??

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Obama is trying to get his golf wardrobe packed before January 20. He took enough time out from packing to express outrage at the Russians and boot a few out of the country. Obama claims that Putin made the decision to engage in the hacking. Interesting that Putin is responsible for everything that happens in Russia, but Obama denies any responsibility for everything that happens here?

In his rant about the Russians, Obama sounded like he was the last virgin out of Pompeii. He complained about the Russians trying to undermine a democratically elected government. Like we have never done that?  In 1952, the CIA engineered a coup in Iran that overthrew the democratically elected leader and replaced him with the Shah. How about all of the plots to kill Castro? What about the Bay of Pigs operation? Noriega in Panama?? Iraq?? South Viet Nam? The list goes on.

If we do have evidence that the Russians intentionally hacked the election process, it is because we are spying on them just like they spy on us. Our intelligence agencies are all part of the "black budget" where we spend billions of dollars a year without explanation to the voters and the taxpayers. When the folks at the NSA and other agencies tire of spying on American citizens in their home country, they check out what is going on in the rest of the world. It is way past time for reform in this department.

At the end of the day, regardless of who hacked whom, the Democrats in the Democratic National Committee conspired to see that Hillary Clinton was their nominee. No one, even Obama, denies this. No one talks about this fact. They are all too busy trying to blame the Russians. It is all just a scam to distract Americans from the real issue, the Democrats rigged their primaries so Hillary could win.

Well, I guess that released a little pent up anger. I will try to post again before the anger and disgust reaches this point again. HA! HA!


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