Sunday, January 22, 2017

Memo to Ashley Judd

Memo to Ashley Judd:

Hey Honey!  I saw your performance in Washington yesterday on the news. In a march that was alleged to be about women's rights, you included an attack on the Confederate flag and a reference to "white privilege". How exactly do these issues relate to the Trump Administration or women's rights?

In short, you followed the leftist line straight down the list. You remind me of a girl who used to work for me years ago. I looked out in the parking lot one day and saw that she had a "Hate Sucks" bumper sticker on her. I queried her about the sticker. "Pardon me, but isn't it hateful to tell others that they suck?"  She responded, "I hate haters." I tried again, "So doesn't that make you a hater, a part of something you say that you hate?" She replied, "Of course not, it's okay to hate haters." Unwilling to spend the day in a circular conversation, I changed the subject. That was just another tribute to the insanity of liberalism and the failure of public education.

Before your next "Women's Rights" performance, please read these notes I made after watching your recent performance.

1. Sorry that you aren't a big celebrity. I had to Google your name to find out who you are. I am decidedly unimpressed. Maybe this is part of your senseless anger? I will point out that for a minor celebrity, you seem to have done pretty well financially in this country.
2. Now that you have finished attacking Trump and almost all other Americans, based on your own family history, I suggest that you employ a mental health professional. It appears that you have some serious family issues.
3. If this doesn't work, pack your stuff and find a country that you can love!!


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