Sunday, March 19, 2017

How about some real health care reform??

As the Republicans in Congress try to cram this half-assed "reform" to Obamacare down our throats, these thoughts.

First, they need to go back and study the 2016 election results. They and the President were elected by people who wanted Obamacare repealed. We didn't want adjustments, we didn't want it tweaked, we didn't want it fine tuned, we wanted it gone!!! If you don't fix it now, the next election will be a bloodbath in Congress.

Second, some members of Congress are claiming that the operating rules of Congress prevent the repeal of Obamacare. Here's the solution to that, change the rules. Those rules were set up because the Congress is in reality, a one team game. The majority of you are all the same. You pretend to be on opposite sides but you stick together to keep getting elected. A good example is the Senate filibuster rule. This rule has been used by both parties to prevent almost anything from taking place. All of this despite the fact that in 1892, the Supreme Court ruled that Senate rules can be changed by a simple majority vote.

Third, the reason for the complete failure of Obamacare is that a "health care" care bill was written by a Congress of lawyers. How about a little tort reform, boys?? All you have to know about high insurance costs is on TV every minute of the day. Call 1-800-bad drug, etc. Class What Americans need to realize is that not every surgery, procedure, drug, or treatment is going to work the same as we are all a little different. There is an assumption of risk if you want to live longer, get healthy, lose weight, or have huge breasts. Let's put some lawyers out of work and eliminate professional victims.

Fourth and most important, Congress has been asking the wrong question. They need to read Roger Van Oech's works They are getting the wrong answer because they are asking the wrong question. Congress is asking, "How can every one get health insurance?"  What they should be asking is, "Why is the cost of health care spiraling out of control?" Instead of worrying about the cost of insurance, they should be working to reduce the cost of medical care.  By the way, most states require auto insurance for all drivers. How's that working for keeping costs down?? I  will tell you how it is working, We are running  out of billboard space for ambulance chasers. In many places, a lawyer can get to the accident scene before the police.

Fifth and finally, Zig Ziglar always talked about the "wisdom of the ages". I will give you the Reader's Digest version, "there ain't no free lunch". Obama bragged about Obamacare by saying that it provided "free mammograms" and other "free" stuff. It ended the "pre-existing condition issue". It allows your children to stay on your policy until they are 26. But what he didn't understand, because he had never operated a business, was that the cost of all those things is in the premiums.

Why don't you guys in Congress actually look at health  care costs and answer the right questions??


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