Friday, February 03, 2017

Immigration Ban??

Buried at the bottom of a Yahoo story about the judge's ruling in the travel ban issue today was the truth about the whole issue.
"Washington-based businesses Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft support the state's efforts to stop the order. They say it's hurting their operations, too."

They need immigrants to come here and work for less than American citizens. Either that or there are not enough American citizens with the education level to do some jobs.

The failure of American education is the stuff of which legends are made. Public schools are run by administrators who cater to the teachers unions. If the schools try to discipline students, parents sue. Schools try to protect students with laws prohibiting violence. Unfortunately, criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. We schedule school years based on routines that date from a time when we had an agrarian economy. The list goes on. I will give you a break and not go into the NCAA, the fraud of big time college sports, the billions of dollars involved, and the insanity or the stupidity of the Federal government in education.

Betsy DeVos is being ripped by Senators in her confirmation hearings because she thinks the system is broken and needs to be changed. Many Senators are more concerned about appeasing the people who have destroyed the educational system rather than trying to improve it. Apparently, the Senate believes that votes are more important than whether the voters can read.

Why not institute a special tax on companies for hiring foreign workers?? That will probably clear up that demand for those H1-B visas.  Democrats will consider that discriminatory, but let's take that chance.

We need doctors and computer programmers. Colleges are cranking out lawyers, athletes, and women's studies grads. It reminds me of the early 1970's. Colleges were cranking out 50,000 marine biologists with a market for 500. It's great to learn. It's even better to learn something that you can use in life.

In closing, several years ago I had a conversation with the local school superintendent. I told him that I sent my children to a private school. He went into great detail about some of the "fabulous" programs they had in the local schools. When he finished, I told him that all businesses are judged by the quality of their product. I explained that I had several students who were current students and many who were graduates of his system. I finished by telling him, "The quality of your product is not good."

We need to stop bringing in hordes of immigrants while Americans go unemployed. Businesses that cannot deal with this need to be encouraged to move to other nations.
We need to change our educational system to produce graduates who have useful knowledge.
The system is broken. It is time to fix it.


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