Thursday, October 06, 2011

What I learned last year...

My birthday was last week. Usually as my birthday nears, I review the events of the last year and see what I have learned.  I thought that I would share some of what I have learned this year.

Don't let the poster boy for ADHD drive all night to Florida by himself.

Mom's not going to live forever, call her now.

Balance in life is critical. Work is not the most important thing that we do.

Change is good, change is bad. Rest assured, you will always be on the wrong side of this discussion.

Life begins when the dog dies and the kids move away.

If it lives at your house, it's your dog.

The first blog post without profanity is the toughest one.

I sing about as well as you would expect.

Church is like everything else in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

"The man should have to kill the bugs." Suzanne Sugarbaker and others.

Women are not "chubby". They are "full-figured", "Rubenesque", or "voluptuous".

Despite my wife's beliefs, you don't have to be gay or old to wear a pink shirt.

You can pick your friends, you can't pick your family.

After an absence of twenty one years, I can still sit in a theater and watch a movie. WOW!!

The price of popcorn and soft drinks at the theater is insane. I would rather get robbed at gunpoint.

Speaking of robbery, there are days that I still worry about getting robbed at work. I carry a bigger gun on those days.

Making friends may be harder than singing. I'll try anyway.

Jane Austen is good. I would have never believed it.

From where you least expect it, come the greatest changes in life.

It's tough to go wrong with a "Thank You" note.

There are times that I wish that I could disable the "send" button in my e-mail program.

According to Dr. David Long, procrastination is a basic Presbyterian belief. I will reflect on that tomorrow.

I'm not fat, my body retains ice cream.

I feel better when I run and walk early in the morning.

Women are from Venus, we men are obviously from somewhere else.

I don't go out to lunch or dinner just for food, I go to talk. Remember that if you invite me out to dinner.

There are some things that you just have to accept.

Better do it today, you may not be here tomorrow.


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