Saturday, October 01, 2011

58 and climbing!!

My birthday was Wednesday. If you missed it, don't worry about, I usually don't talk about it. This year was a little different, I enjoyed the day. Thirty five years ago, I had a great birthday and that has been the standard that I measured all of them against since then. That day is a story for another day and another post. But this year was better than that, so I have a new standard to measure birthdays against.

On Tuesday, my wife and I went out for dinner since my schedule was full on Wednesday. We ate dinner at Phoenix in Greensboro. Any excuse to eat something that I shouldn't eat is a good one.

I got a large card at work that several people may or may not have actually signed, but it is the thought that counts. It might not have even been my card. Inside the card was written "To a great dog lover". Are you sure this is my card? I took it anyway.

Two customers, The Queen and her friend, Whipped Cream Annie, sang or tried to sing "Happy Birthday". It was an interesting performance. During my day at work, both of my sons came by with gifts and cards. Just a reminder that Christmas is getting closer!

Wednesday evening, I cooked dinner at Buffalo for our Wednesday night meeting. I received a couple of cards from church members. Pam led the singing for two editions of "Happy Birthday" for Sidney Campbell and myself. I had a great time. Rep. Howard Coble was our speaker that night. When he opened the floor for questions, I popped out three or four questions. It's not often that you can question your Congressman. It must have been my birthday.

I had lunch with a couple of friends on Thursday who brought a couple of great gifts. One brought me a card that I had to research (see below). This lunch really rounded out my birthday celebration. Barring a winning lottery ticket in my pocket, my birthday won't get any better.

Some things never change. I received a great birthday card with an interesting quote on it. I had never heard of the author, so my inner nerd compelled me to look the author up. It's always good to get something that makes you think. Thank you.

I was going to write on what I have learned in the past year, but I will save that for tomorrow.


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