Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Moans and Groans

The NFL started their season over the weekend. The Bucs lost, the Panthers lost, and the Colts got creamed. Sorry about the Colts, Jeff !! I lived in Tampa when the Bucs started and I lived in North Carolina when the Panthers began. Is it my fault that they are both monuments to mediocrity??

I was at Tampa Stadium in 1977 when the Bucs beat the St. Louis Cardinals for their first home win in the last game of the season. The crowd tore down the goalposts for a 2-12 season. I sat in the stands, drank a Coke and watched.

The NASCAR regular season ended at Richmond Saturday night as I slept. I was able to hold on for about the first 15 laps, but I don't recall much of the next 385 laps. I can't wait to sleep during the Chase.

I hear that they are still playing baseball, but I'm not sure. When they moved the World Series to night games in November, I gave up watching baseball.

A friend was telling me about watching the Cowboys game on Sunday night. I used to think that I was a Cowboys fan, but I was wrong. I was actually a Roger Staubach and Tom Landry fan. When that **##@@**  Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys, I went back to reading books on Sunday afternoon.

I found the video of my appearance on the CBS Evening News in 2002. I watched it, but had trouble spotting myself in the tape. There was some fat guy with brown hair who sounded like me and wouldn't shut up. HMMM!!!

My wife bought her dog a Mickey Mouse ball to play with in the house. It's entertaining to watch, but she's  still not a candidate for doggy Mensa.

My wife is on the phone making plans with our children for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I'm planning on eating at home, I'm not sure what everyone else is doing. Since I have cooked those meals for the last twenty years or so, I'm pretty sure that they will be here. If not, I won't have to fight for seconds on the Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake.

They waited too late to turn on the A/C on Sunday at church. It was a tad warm in there. Thank God that I wasn't in the choir loft!! My pocket thermometer was reading 86 degrees. If the sermon had gone another minute, the loud noise would have been my head ricocheting off the pew in front of me as I nodded off.

At church yesterday, the Queen made an announcement/commercial during the service trying to recruit choir members. I will probably have to promise NOT to join the choir to remain in her good graces. Yes, my voice is that bad. People cry when I sing.

Time to go. Pawn Stars is on TV.


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