Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stupid Parents

On Thursday night as I drove home from work, I found US 29 closed due to an accident. I detoured and took the long way. I had an e-mail from a friend the next morning about an 8 year old girl being hit by a car on US 29. I checked into it and learned that was the accident that had caused my detour.

This story is one of incredible stupidity. The short version is that the parents left two small children at home after 9:00 P.M. while they walked to a nearby store to get a beer. The father was apparently  grieving over a slain coworker. He said, "I was mourning for him and having me a beer. I just had to have another one."  The parents said that the girl wanted to go with them, but they told her to remain at home with her brother (age unknown).

The girl followed them on her brother's bicycle and at about 9:30 P.M. she was hit by at least two cars. The Highway Patrol called the scene "gruesome". The bicycle was found about 1/2 mile past the scene. The driver had to stop and dislodge the bicycle from his vehicle. That person is unknown at this time. We will explore stupid drivers in another post.

In an interview the mother said, "We understand it was an accident and it was dark, but I just want justice for my daughter's death. She didn't need to die at 8." You want justice??  Let's start with those people responsible for the child being left alone after dark. Wouldn't that be the parents??

How did people like this become parents? Don't bother with the biological explanation, I understand that part. The problem is that these people are engaging in procreation instead of recreation. Why do people unable to manage their own lives decide to have children?

A better question is why does society allow this problem to grow?? Our children are our future, everyone agrees on that. Then we allow crackheads, alcoholics and idiots to father children or give birth to children.  We wouldn't let animals do this, but we let people do it. The result is what anyone with half a brain would expect.

I know people who have drug and alcohol problems and have children. Unable to control their own lives, they choose to have children. How do you think that will work out?? Why not give those children to a relative or give them up for adoption?

I have a friend who has a niece being raised by a mother and father with a history of drug issues. She worries constantly about that little girl and her future. Life would be easier for everyone involved if the parents let someone else raise that child. As a parent, don't you want your child to at least have a chance in life? Remember, your children are going to learn from your example.

There has been a lot of controversy lately in North Carolina about the state having sterilized a group of people years ago. Instead of reparations, we should be considering bringing that program back. I'm sorry and I realize that many will disagree, but not everyone should be parents.

How do I really feel about this little girl dying in an accident? Yesterday I passed the scene of the little girl's death. There is a memorial of flowers and balloons already there. I am in favor of adding a couple of poles with her parents' heads on them to complete the memorial. Yes, I know that I am an extremist. What would your feelings be on hanging them? The reality is simple. If the parents had been doing their jobs, that child would not have been on that highway at 9:30. There's the justice that the mother seeks.


At 8:36 AM, Anonymous B.A. said...

Unfortunately, there are "parents" out there who have no business being parents. Anything past the act of conceiving a child is beyond their abilities. This case is a prime example.

Another is the single woman in High Point with 13 kids (yes, 13 with no father(s) around).,0,3989758.story

Don't get me wrong, but I'm glad the kids are more comfortable in this heat. Why should they suffer because of their "parent(s)" irresponsibility? There's a way to prevent breeding from happening, and birth control is available free of charge to those who can't afford to pay. If she's irresponsible (which she's already demonstrated) enough to forget to take a little pill each morning, then at least hold said pill between her knees during sex!


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