Thursday, July 07, 2011

Weekly Wrapup

It's been a tough week! It's time to vent a little and drop the old blood pressure a few points.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her child. Her defense was that the child accidentally drowned and someone tried to cover it up. Who covers up an accident by making it look like a murder?? If Casey didn't kill her child, who did?? As long as I'm throwing questions, where did they find 12 jurors this ##@@**## stupid?? As long as we are talking stupid, where did they get that judge?

My cell phone got laundered on Saturday afternoon. Just for the record, a Samsung Gusto cannot survive the wash, rinse, and spin cycles on a GE washer.

My favorite CD had been missing for a couple of weeks so I went online and bought a replacement on Monday evening. The CD reappeared on Tuesday morning.

My 40th High School Class reunion is next month. I am still trying to decide whether or not to go. There have been hundreds of Facebook posts and e-mails coming my way. Last night a Facebook post from a classmate appeared that made sense. Here it is:
Ok, this may sound stupid, but would it make any difference to anyone if I came or not? I don't want to come if no one really cared if I did or not. I really didn't have many friends in high school...
After reading that,I may just stay home. It's a long trip to see people that you barely know. Most of the other nerds don't attend. I'll think about it.

Last week, I wrote about the Post Office taking a long weekend while losing money hand over fist. I was reminded this week by a friend that we do stupid stuff in private business too. We don't do it on the same scale as the Postal Service, but we try.

I have some sort of infection in my left eye and my right eye is starting to bother me. I'm headed to the eye doctor in a few minutes. If I can't see, this will have to become an audio blog. Imagine listening to the sound of my sweet, melodious voice instead of reading this swill.

We had a great Independence Day celebration at Buffalo Church on Sunday. After the service, we had a picnic on the front lawn. One of our members has posted 105 photos of the event online. Incredibly enough, my face isn't in any of them. Yes, you can view them without fear.

On a positive note, July 4th is Chicken Wings and Watermelon Day at the restaurant. This is for employees only. It is always a popular event. I cooked 30 pounds of wings on Monday afternoon. Then on Tuesday I cooked another 10 pounds of wings for those who had missed it on Monday. That included a few cooks and waitstaff members who left early Monday, my fashion consultant, and our Marketing Advisor. Before you ask, there have never been any leftovers.

My wife's dog continues to like me. That's because I am the one who has the"opportunity" to take her outside. She is good entertainment. I found out yesterday that she knows when we are headed outside. I always put her out while I go run in the morning or walk in the evening. Yesterday, I was sitting down putting on my shoes and she was calm. When I took my reflective running vest from the coat hook, she went crazy. She was jumping up and down, then ran to the door to wait for me. I guess she's smarter than I thought. She would have to be.

There was good news this week!! On Tuesday, I fit into a size 16 1/2 shirt. That is the first time in 26 years. I peaked at a size 18-18 1/2 about 10 years ago. It's been a long road back.

Today has to get better! I had hit the Publish button and headed to the door when the phone rang. My eye doctor had car trouble on his way to work this morning. I have been rescheduled for tomorrow morning. More later.


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