Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why are we importing this??

On Wednesday I responded to an e-mail from a friend with a phone call. I told them that I was too tired to type another message. In a demonstration of what it takes to anger me, I sent my friend this e-mail about thirty minutes later.

"I was wrong about being too tired to type. The idiot sister of the Afghan who works here has reinvigorated me with a ridiculous request. At 8:25 PM she brought in a 3 page form from Social Services concerning some handout for which they have applied. She wanted me to fill it out tonight because she has to return it to Social Services tomorrow. I looked at it and saw a June 6 date. I asked her how long she had been holding the form. She responded that she had received it a couple of weeks ago. I explained that the time to bring it in was two weeks ago.

I told her that I did not have the payroll information required and that I could not get it before tomorrow afternoon. I told her that I would try to have the form done by 4:00 PM.

It's bad enough that I spend several hours a month filling out these forms for the native born deadbeats, do I have to fill them out for people that have come here from other countries? Do they have programs like this in Mexico or Afghanistan??  Do we not have enough people on the dole here?? Are we so short on deadbeats that we are forced to import them? Isn't spending hours a month filling out forms for our native losers enough? All of these forms just add to my already lengthy work day. Can't we charge a fee for filling these things out??
We have soldiers dying in Afghanistan so some deadbeats can come here and collect welfare. We need to pack these clowns up and ship them back. It's time to bring our guys home. Let those other people make it on their own.

Pissed off at the Pancake House,


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