Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Rapture??

Apparently the predicted rapture failed to take place yesterday or at least no one I know was taken. The Queen was in for breakfast and if she wasn't gone in the Rapture, I guess that no one went.

So if you read my last post and I said something nice about you, "You're welcome." If I said something bad about you, "That's life!"

Just when you start to lose hope, you realize that there really is one born every minute. Some retired transit worker in New York spent his $140,000 retirement savings putting up signs and posters about the May 21 world ending. I guess that he didn't have a Plan B.

I think that there is another "The world will end today" on tap in 2012. I'm not sure if that is scheduled for Election Day or not. I will just start work on my post for that day anyway.


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