Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tough day for a Tuesday

First, let's talk about the price of gasoline. When the price of crude oil was increasing, gas stations were changing gas prices daily. Prices were being changed in the middle of the day, no need to wait until the end of the day. Now that the price of crude oil is dropping, what's happening to the price of gasoline? If you guessed NOTHING, you are correct. The price of crude has dropped 15%, the price of gasoline has not moved. Why isn't O'bummer's Justice Department investigating this?

I read that the Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his wife Maria Shriver are divorcing. She's a member of the Kennedy family. No political position, no marriage. Given the life expectancy in the Kennedy family, this could increase Arnold's life expectancy.

I fired a busboy today. He was cleaning the ladies restroom and had been in there for several minutes. After a couple of women complained about how long it was taking him to clean the restroom, I opened the door. He was standing there talking on his cell phone. I exploded and told him to meet me in the back of the restaurant. Once in the back, he told me that he had been talking to his probation officer. Hey, this is a great time to tell your boss that you are on probation. It's not often that you get to tell someone that they are just too stupid to work for you. How angry was I?? My son came in the back door during this and stopped near the door. I can't decide if he was afraid to come any closer or was covering me in case it got ugly. Give someone a chance and they screw up. Call me when something changes.

If you are one of the four people who haven't seen the following picture online, here's bin Laden's tombstone.


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Swerdna said...

Love the tombstone! Waiting for Tex & Shirley's to start serving the Osamabinladen Cocktail: 2 shots and a splash of water.


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