Friday, May 06, 2011

Obama been lying about Osama bin Laden??

This week's big story is the reported death of Osama bin Laden or as the story will eventually develop, Osama bin Elvis.

The Obama story is that upon his direct orders, Navy Seals attacked a compound in Pakistan and killed bin Laden. They then buried the famed terrorist at sea. How thoughtful! I'm part of the group that believes that we should have kept his body so that we can prove that he is dead. Let's face it, there are still people who think that Elvis and JFK are alive. I think that they were in the Krispy Kreme when I last stopped for donuts. John Wilkes Booth may have been with them.

Would it have been too insensitive to place bin Laden's head on a stake at the White House or Pentagon? How about at the World Trade Center? Why bury him at sea? There are people who think that we have aliens from Roswell stored at Wright-Patterson. How long before the conspiracy theorists start on this one? They have plenty of time, a lot of them don't have jobs.

Why didn't we stage a large state funeral for bin Laden? All of his friends could have come to see him off. There's an intelligence gathering opportunity for the CIA. After the festivities, we could have buried him in a garbage dump somewhere. Why defile a perfectly good garbage dump? Put him in a large box, add about 10,000 gallons of jet fuel and let it burn for days. Add followers to the fire as they arrive.

Obama "ordered" this attack just a few days after releasing the fourth or fifth copy of his birth certificate. Yes, the Presidential campaign of 2012 is underway. I don't believe in coincidence. What will the Obama campaign bring next week ?? Will someone get a job? Will the price of gas drop a nickel? Will the Republicans find someone to send Obama back to Chicago to work as a community organizer??

Did Obama time his "direct orders" to help his campaign? Did he wait a couple of days so as to not conflict with the Royal Wedding? Or after a couple of years on the job, did he lose his tee time at the golf course and decide to do a little work instead? If I were Obama, I would call George W. and ask to borrow the infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner, just in case that's not bin Laden feeding the fish. How long will it be before someone claiming to be bin Laden appears on television?

How long has the US known where bin Laden was? We have been looking for him since the first Trade Center attack in 1993. This guy is a 6'4" Arab. How hard could this be? Looking for a 6'4" Arab is like looking for Shaquille O'Neal in Mexico City. They could have spotted him from a spy satellite.

The Pakistanis have threatened to end their co-operation with the United States in a counter terrorism operation if the United States mounts another unilateral operation like the bin Laden raid. Hmmm! Let's see. Osama bin Laden is found in a town less than an hour's drive from the Pakistani capital. He lived about a mile from a military academy. I don't think that the Pakistanis are on board for the counter terrorism thing anyway. Screw them!(or stronger words to that effect, you choose) In that part of the world, people are loyal to whoever gave them their last dime or dime bag, as the case may be. I think that the Obama administration would find huge public support for the immediate end to any aid for Pakistan. Why are we borrowing money to give to Pakistan??

The Obama administration attributes the conflicting stories from the raid to the "fog of war". Why didn't they get everyone back safely, debrief them, prepare a report, and then tell us about it? What was the hurry? Were they afraid of the Pakistanis telling the world that someone had sneaked in and killed the terrorist they were protecting? Was Obama afraid that the French would claim the credit? It's taken four years to find a birth certificate, suddenly he wants everyone to know the all of the details on a raid?

Obama says that to release the photos of the "dead" bin Laden would endanger national security. What did killing him do? They will end up releasing photos, they should have checked with the guy handling the birth certificate thing.

Memo to Obama: When you get ready to release all of the photos and details on the raid, rather than dribbling it out day by day, let me know in advance. If you can really prove that the bastard is actually dead, we can stage a little party at the restaurant. We can set up a TV, put out a few tablecloths, bake a few scones, maybe give out door prizes. In short, it would be much more interesting than your presidential inauguration or a Royal Wedding.


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