Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tough week

This has been one of those weeks that you only dream about, like a nightmare.

Sunday started okay, but it was Palm Sunday. Easter business at the restaurant blows, but Palm Sunday is usually a pretty busy day. This was my Sunday to go to church and not unexpectedly it ran over about 15 minutes. By the time I returned to the restaurant it was wide open, crazy busy. Yeah, that's a treat to walk in on. It was also a payroll week, which gave me a few hours of paperwork to do Sunday night at home.

I have had a full week. The men's group at church met on Monday night, the Chapman Society (my history group) met on Tuesday night, and Wednesday night was the fellowship dinner at Buffalo Church. Oh yeah! I had volunteered to prepare the meal on Wednesday. Sleep may be overrated. So I had three days in a row where I was up at 3:00 AM, left the house around 4:00 AM, and returned home somewhere between sixteen and eighteen hours later.

Here's a sure sign that I'm in North Carolina. At the Presbyterian Men's meeting on Monday, they were discussing the closing "Amen" hymn(?) that the choir has been using the last few weeks. Frankly, I'm not a fan, I don't think that it fits. Anyway, one man claimed that they used that chorus at the University of Maryland late in the game to torment opponents. This only serves to confirm that basketball is a religion here.

Did I mention that my friend who allows me to vent to them, was out of town for several days? I may be about to explode. Which side is the pressure felt on just before the heart attack??

Tuesday's Chapman meeting provided some incredible dinner conversations. There was a theory advanced by a couple of members that I was off of my medication for the evening. It didn't matter guys, it wasn't working anyway. Besides, I wasn't the only contributor.

Did I mention that my older son and his girlfriend are now engaged? More in another post.

Wednesday night's Fellowship Dinner was going smoothly until the "Angels" failed to show up in sufficient numbers. It didn't bother me too badly, I am used to paid employees not showing up. When it comes to any volunteer group, the important thing to remember is "Some gave all, Most gave none". We were able to get dinner served with help from a couple of ladies who jumped in to help. After the program, there were only two ladies there to clean up. Afraid that word would get back to my mother if I left two women with that mess, I elected to stay and wash the pots and pans. It only took about half an hour and was kind of like being at work. However, the company was a little better. They offered to make me an honorary member of their circle, but I'm not sure that will look good on my resume. However, a certificate of honorary membership in a women's church group hanging on my wall would provide for some interesting conversation.

Did I mention that my wife hates my pink shirt?? More in a minute.

I have a female employee whom I have chastised for constantly reaching into her blouse and adjusting/tugging at her bra straps. Rather than listen to me complain, she just stopped wearing one. I'm only grateful that I didn't tell her to stop pulling up her pants. I believe that our conversation has resolved this issue.

Today's news is that O'bummer is having the Justice Department investigate gas prices. If they can do for gas, what they have done for medicine, I can sell the cars and declare bankruptcy.

My wife told me on Tuesday night that she thinks that only gay guys and old men wear pink shirts. As I told her, the good news is that I only fit into one of those categories. Before anybody writes, it's the old men. I guess that I can sneak my pink shirt out of the house on Easter.

A friend's son and daughter-in-law have seven children. They live with my friend and his wife. The daughter in law is pregnant again. And how was your week??


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