Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Conspirator

Those who either know me personally or read this swill regularly will be stunned by the following statement. I went to a movie today. Even more stunning, I enjoyed a movie today. While you catch your breath, I'll move on.

My wife and I went to see "The Conspirator" this afternoon. My wife may have been more stunned than any of you. "First you want to be a Presbyterian, now you want to see a movie??" We went anyway as there were no psychiatrists available this afternoon. I was originally going yesterday, but a day of hell trying to mow the yard ended that idea.

I've been in the food service business for 43 years and I was shocked by the prices at the concession stand. The price list showed $4.75 for a small bottle of water, are you kidding?? I wouldn't pay $4.75 for a bottle of water if Monica Lewinsky were serving it!! I saw a few other prices, but have wiped them from my mind. We didn't get anything at the concession stand.

My last movie was The Little Mermaid when Walter and I went in 1989. Theaters have changed some since then. This one had stadium seating but no one wanted to sit close to the field(screen) in this stadium. After 15 minutes of commercials and half a dozen previews, the movie finally started. We could have eaten lunch and still caught the start of the movie. Next time, I'll know.

The movie was very good. I have read a couple of reviews that may have disagreed with me, but who doesn't? A lot of the scenes were shot at Fort Pulaski in Savannah. We visited there a couple of years ago and they were working on the movie at the time. They had built the gallows in the courtyard of the fort. This was one of the reasons that I wanted to see the movie. My friend, The Queen, had seen a preview earlier in the week and told me that the movie was opening Friday. Not to mention I wanted to see if they would accurately portray the Lincoln Administration and their abrogation of the Constitution. Surprisingly, Robert Redford and his band of leftists did a good job on this matter.

The actors seemed to do a pretty good job. Just don't ask me to name any. There wasn't anyone in the movie that I recognized.

I did pretty well at the movie. The seat reclined a little too much for me to be comfortable. At about the forty minute mark, I started to fidget a little and got a little restless, but it passed in a couple of minutes. I made it through the rest of the movie without any problems. Unless you count my wife getting irritated at me for repeatedly checking my phone for the time. Hey! It was my first time in a movie theater in twenty two years, that wasn't a bad performance by me. I do better when we see "The Christmas Carol", but they have an intermission.

It's a good movie.


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