Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Hundred Days

No, I'm not writing about Napoleon's comeback and eventual defeat at Waterloo, I'm writing about my exercise program. Napoleon would be more interesting, but it's my blog. I will write about Napoleon and Josephine another day.

Today was Day 100 in my exercise program. For 100 consecutive days, I have gone out running and then walked, jogged, or crawled back home. My preferred time for this has been between 3:00 and 4:00 AM. Yeah, I know that's early!

So what good has come of this? First, I have lost 18 pounds and now am at my lowest weight in the lives of my children. Simply put, this is the least that I have weighed since 1985. Second, for a 57 year old fat guy, I demonstrated that I still have lightning like reflexes when a few weeks ago I dove into a ditch to avoid being hit by a car. Third, my blood sugar and blood pressure have dropped to good levels.

What's next? I'm on my way to 175 pounds. My weight has plateaued the last few weeks and I'm stuck around 192 pounds. So to keep things going, I started walking in the evening. Of course, that means on the nights that I work, I'm walking at 11:00 or 12:00 when I get home. Yes, I know that's late!

I got some help with exercise on Sunday. A customer, who may be worried about me getting hit by a car or falling and cutting my head, gave me an exercise bicycle. It is a really nice one. I rode it on Monday night and then again tonight for half an hour each time. I thought that I should ride it so as to prevent my son from turning it into a clothes rack right away. I should have started with a shorter ride, but I can't read instructions. If I could read them, the male ego would have not let me follow them. Also, the size of the seat and the size of my butt are in conflict. I am hoping that riding a few weeks will resolve that issue.

In keeping with my post, "We don't write anymore", I sent the bicycle donor a "Thank You" note. I didn't have time to get a card, so they received a simple, handwritten note. It's good to practice what you blog about. I realize that my message probably wasn't "briefcase" material, but it was sincere. Thanks for the bicycle, I appreciate both your concern and your gift.

Maybe in the next Hundred Days, I will get to my target weight. I'll keep you updated!!


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