Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lucy and Ethel at Gil's?

No, it wasn't Lucy and Ethel at the surplus store on Friday. Instead, we had a visit from a couple of mature beauties from Greensboro, Loretta and Anna. One works at Tex & Shirley's part-time and the other is one of our most regular customers. They had been threatening to come see us for a few weeks and finally made good on their threat.

I had armed them with detailed directions, a map from Google, and my cell number. They promptly got lost. Like everyone else to whom I have given instructions, they failed to make the turn at Settle Street. Loretta was quick to realize that they were lost and called me. I was a little concerned about them since their route was taking them towards the ghetto. It only took a couple of minutes to get them turned around and headed to the store. The next person who wants directions will be easy for me. Go to Reidsville and call me. I'll talk you in from wherever you are.

It was a lot of fun watching them look over the piles of militaria and "stuff" that we have. For starters, Anna held up a khaki USMC shirt long enough for Loretta to call out, "It's not your color, Anna." They settled in the "more" department to look over things. Anna bought a few videos, a salt and pepper set, and some kind of bowl with a rabbit on it.

Loretta spent an entire dollar on a glass dish, but learned a valuable lesson. I had an old wooden stand/cabinet with wooden wheels. It needed refinishing, but at $20 it was a bargain. Loretta looked at it, but couldn't decide where to put it in her home. She left without it. On Saturday, we sold that to an old man. On Sunday, I was telling her about the sale. She told me "I started to call you and tell you to just put that in your van and bring it to Greensboro." Too late, Loretta. As they say at auctions, you think long, you think wrong. The guy who bought it was pretty old, there's a chance I could buy that back at an estate sale. If I ever own that again, I'm just giving it to her.

After some more entertaining conversation, the lovely ladies departed for Greensboro. I called them after a few minutes to make sure that they had found their way to U.S. 29 and were headed safely home.

How was it for Walter and I? Walter was glad to make a sale or two before noon. I was just glad to see them at the store. It is nice to have good friends who are concerned enough about your new business venture to go out of their way to help you and inspire you. Thanks, Anna. Thank you, Loretta.


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