Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Work Woes!

The other night I told a dishwasher that he was on his cellphone too much. His response was "It keeps ringing!" My answer was brief and to the point,"Then shut the ##$$**$$## off!" He understood.

I fired a guy for stealing last month. I caught him leaving with some baking potatoes and a carryout tray filled with country-style steak. He filed for unemployment and I received the forms yesterday. I am hopeful that I can win this one. If you can't fire a thief, who can you fire?

In other unemployment news, a busboy has been missing in action since he called in ten days ago. We have tried to call him but to no avail. He failed to call or to return to work. He came in today to pick up his final check. He said nothing. A couple of hours later, his papers for unemployment arrived. Since I didn't fire him or even talk to him, I am hoping that his claim will be denied.

Apparently these guys haven't heard that there is a recession going on and unemployment is high. Of course, you would have to want a job for that to be a problem.

Last, my best dishwasher, the darling of child support enforcement, is in jail for some kind of assault on one of his baby's mamas. He will be cooling his heels for the next 45 days at the county farm. But the paperwork marches on. Last week I received six amended child support orders for him. I had to process them, he still had a check coming. Yesterday, it was 40 pages of health insurance withholding forms to handle. I need a clerk just for this guy's paperwork!!

So did anything good happen today? Yes, I cooked pancakes for The Queen and the princess Anne.


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