Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's NAPSCAR Season!

First, NAPSCAR is not a mispelling. Tomorrow is the first NASCAR Sprint Cup race of the year, the Daytona 500. The last race will come sometime around Thanksgiving at Homestead in Florida. The season sometimes seems even longer than it is.

When I moved back to North Carolina 28 years ago, I was told by several people that I needed to pick a NASCAR driver to follow. My following skills are not good, I still haven't picked one. They also told me that I needed to pick a college basketball team to follow and I haven't done that either.

I enjoy watching NASCAR racing, for about ten minutes. My attention span is simply not set up for watching 43 cars speeding into several hundred left hand turns. Actually cars is almost a misnomer, they are all rolling billboards.

Why pick a driver? They all appear to be about the same. Some guy wins the race, hops out of the car, and starts some spiel that goes something like this, "The Tex & Shirley's Chevrolet ran really good today. It was an awesome performance by our awesome crew in front of all these awesome fans to help our awesome sponsors pay their awesome bills."

So how do I really feel about NASCAR? NASCAR is video Sominex. Turn the television to the NASCAR race and in ten minutes I will be asleep. I can nod off during an eight car pileup. Hence the term NAPSCAR. I haven't had a good Sunday afternoon nap since the last race of 2010 and I won't get one this Sunday. The Daytona 500 starts at 1:00 and I won't get home before 5:00. It will hopefully be over by then. Maybe I could find a replay and nap during it.

Gentlemen, start your engines!! Gilbert, get your pillow out.


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