Sunday, February 13, 2011

You can't make this stuff up!!

Sunday morning at Tex and Shirley's and all's well?? Not a chance!!

Today's moment to remember came fairly early. I had a young man scheduled to host at 8:30. When I returned from a banana run to Harris Teeter, I was told that he had called in at 8:40. He told us that he had car trouble and could not get to work.

When I went up from to tell the rest of the host/hostess staff that we would be a person short, they were all surprised. It seems that the young man had come in about 8:30 to check his schedule. He then went outside and called in on his cell phone. I was stunned that anyone was that stupid, so I called him and left a message.

He called back a few minutes later. I asked him why he couldn't work. He told me that he didn't have a way to get to work. I pointed out that he had come in and checked his schedule. I asked why he didn't just stay at work when he came in to check his schedule. He told me that he wasn't dressed properly. Then why come down here?? His friend apparently could drive him to T&S to check his schedule but could not drive him to T&S to work. He then started to tell me that he was going to turn in his notice this week. At that point, I turned on the charm and explained that there was no need for him to work out any notice. I just couldn't bring myself to pay anyone this stupid to hang around another week. Another day, another idiot!!


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