Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday wrap up

Still organizing, trying to finish my room. Regrettably, I have not discovered any more boxes of bayonets. Mercifully, I have not found any more tuxedos. A customer did point out that with two sons, I might need a tuxedo for a wedding. I guess that I have enough bayonets for a wedding. I guess that depends on the size of the bride's family.

Received this question in an e-mail: Do you really have ADHD? Who,other than a drug addict, would make this claim? Of course I do. I don't smoke, drink, or use drugs. The ADHD is all that I can handle.

Six days after the latest snowstorm, almost all of the snow has melted on my driveway. I'm thinking of asphalt before next winter. That and the demise of several large trees will make it easier next year.

This was my Sunday in church. No sign of sleepiness during this week's sermon. Jesse was on fire this week. I didn't even yawn today!! Of course, I left before the annual church meeting started.

Two weeks in my drive to finish getting our surplus store set up. Naturally enough, my schedule at work and other activities, prevents me from doing anything the next two days. Should be an interesting weekend.

One of those activities is the Presbyterian Men's Meeting tomorrow night at Buffalo. Someone called to invite me to attend. He told me that they had a great speaker scheduled. Anyone but me will be fine.

Chapman Society meeting on Tuesday, more of that #&*## organizing thing.

Ever have one of those days that you just couldn't avoid making an ass of yourself?? Welcome to my world!! I pulled off a triple play on that today. Hey!! Anybody can do it just once.

Last night, as I sat reading "Calvin for armchair Theologians", my wife asked, "So, are you thinking about becoming a Presbyterian?" See paragraph above!! I fought off all of the easy answers and succumbed to the ass theory.

I have a tremendous craving tonight for a Gala apple. I should have eaten the one that Bart left on the desk.

Tomorrow is MLK Day. We will be busy, but in keeping the heritage alive, they will all be in late.

I was discussing language usage with a friend of mine. I indicated to him that I am trying to reduce my use of profanity. I told him that my first target was to go a day without using profanity. He told me "You're Gilbert Jones. You want to do a sentence first!!"


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