Saturday, January 15, 2011

Organizing Day 2

Today was the second day of my Organization Campaign. I was going to go with one of the old Soviet Five Year Plans on my organization program, but I trimmed it down to sixty days. After my closet cleaning festival last night, I decided to change it to ninety days.

Last night's closet cleaning yielded a load of clothing that will cause the local Goodwill to increase their staff. I went ahead and stacked up everything that I was taking out of my playroom/office/man cave to go to my future store. There was such a pile in the living room, my wife gasped when she saw it. I hauled it off this morning. When I stopped at the Goodwill store, the one guy outside ran inside to get some help. How much stuff was in my closet? I found a box of bayonets that I had forgotten were in there. Yeah, that's right, a BOX full of bayonets. I wasn't as nearly surprised at that find as the people to whom I have told that story. And NO, I didn't give those to Goodwill.

For those of you who think that I am some kind of nut after reading the bayonet story, what took so long?? I also want to point out that I found my tuxedo in the bottom of closet. Incredibly enough, it still fits. Yes, I own a tuxedo. Don't worry, most of the people who know me don't believe it either.

I spent the day hauling three trailer loads to the store. I think we have about 80% of the stuff there. Of course, we have only about 5% of the stuff sorted. I spent two hours today sorting cold weather liners. That took care of about 30% of the liners. Marine Corps khaki shirts?? We will have to give a free one with every $1.00 purchase to get rid of them by the end of the year. The store explains why my sixty day plan became a ninety day plan.

Well, enough about organization. I'm off to read "Calvin for Armchair Theologians". It's more interesting than it sounds, but that's just one nerd's opinion.


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