Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I learned this Week

I tell people that no matter how old you are or how long you have been working at a job, you can learn something every day. It's always true for me, anyway.

So what did I learn this week?

Yesterday, I learned that I have enough dress raincoats in my military surplus inventory to outfit the army of a small nation. Anyone from Luxembourg reading this? Just for the record, I also have enough khaki shirts and field jacket liners.

Friday, I learned that the Reverend Jesse Bledsoe likes science fiction. He asked what I read. I told him that if I wanted to read fiction, I read the Greensboro News and Record. He also likes English soccer. Soccer is a sport that needs a shot clock. It was an interesting conversation. Thanks, Jesse.

Thursday, I learned that my wife's hope that her new puppy is on the way to being housebroken did not apply to the floor in front of my closet door. It was also a reminder to wear shoes around the house.

Wednesday, I learned that a former busboy is even wackier than I had previously thought. ##### came to speak to me about why he had failed to come to work on Monday. He told me that he knew that he was scheduled, but had no explanation as to why he had failed to come in to work. I wished him much success in the future, told him to pick up his final check on payday, and bid him farewell.

Tuesday, I learned that there are guys in the Chapman Society with even stranger senses of humor than mine. Charles, keep working on enlarging those photos of the Beeberman Babes.

Monday, I attended the Presbyterian Men's meeting at Buffalo Church and listened to a speaker who hit way too close to home on some points. I learned more about myself than I wanted to know. More details on that in a later post. But it was a great program!

Sunday, I learned that it would be better to use the CANCEL button in my e-mail program than to apologize later for being stupid and rude. Stop, think, think again.

Well, those are my learning experiences for the week. What did you learn this week???


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