Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Q & A

I had an email yesterday from a long lost classmate in high school. I haven't seen Joe in more than 39 years. The last time I saw him was on graduation day. I was more than a little surprised to hear from Joe. Joe and I had gone to school together since some time in elementary school. He found our class page on Facebook and ended up reading parts of this blog. There's no accounting for taste!!

Joe sent me an e-mail with several questions about what's happened since high school and a few about my blog. I thought that I would answer his questions with this post. For any other reader(s), this Q & A session can serve as a primer for this blog.
Let's go!!

Q. I thought that you were going to be a civil engineer. What happened??

A. Civil?? Are you serious? Engineer?? It took only a few weeks after high school graduation for me to realize that I was unable to sit quietly or productively at a desk.

Q. How did you end up in North Carolina?

A. I am a North Carolina native and took advantage of a job transfer opportunity several years ago.

Q. Who is Walter?

A. Walter is my older son, William is my younger son. Susan is my wife. Mom is my mother. That covers the family.

Q. What happened to your hair??

A. My skin expanded.

Q. Why did you start writing a blog??

A. Walter, the previously mentioned son, got a tattoo. I started writing as a way to vent. It has just dragged out the last six years from there.

Q. Why did you leave the Sons of Confederate Veterans??

A. The short version is that I wanted to have moral principles more than I wanted to have a battle flag on my license plate. Besides that, after my appearance on the CBS Evening News, there was no one in the organization left to for me to offend.

Q. You are the manager of Tex & Shirley's. Is or was there a real Tex & Shirley?

A. Yes, there was a real Tex & Shirley. There was also was a real Peter, Paul, and Mary, and a real Three Stooges.

Q. Do you really have ADHD?

A. We went to school together for eight years and you are asking me that??

Q. Is "Ken" really your only friend?

A. It depends on whether or not I have offended any of my other friends on any given day.

Q. Who is "the Queen"?

A. She is NOT Queen Elizabeth nor Queen Latifah. The Queen is a regular customer who is both articulate and conservative. She's also my favorite customer. And yes, she once threatened to wash out my computer with soap.

Q. Do you enjoy your job?

A. Only baldness is better!! Of course, I enjoy my job. I eat free and I meet interesting people every day.

Q. Have you considered writing a book about your restaurant experiences??

A. Yes, how many copies would you like to order?

Q. Does anyone get mad about what you write??

A. I would like to think so.

OK, Joe, that ends the question series. I hope that you gleaned some useful information from this session. Now it's my turn. I had a crush on your sister Elizabeth for years. I only asked her out a couple of hundred times. I never heard the word "Yes" cross her lips.What happened to her?? (This question is for scientific study purposes only.)


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