Monday, February 21, 2011

Tuesday Topics

How old did I feel this morning?? The child who won the Daytona 500 on Sunday turned twenty years old the day before the race. He was born after I started at Tex & Shirley's.

What's going on with Egypt?? The revolutionaries there are happy that the military has taken "temporary" control of the government. Middle Eastern nation's military, there's a freedom loving group of guys. What kind of crap are those clowns smoking that makes them think that's a good idea?

How about Libya?? It looks like Gaddafi's time is about up. This is kind of like the old days. Forty years ago, the joke was that power in the Middle East changed hands when one Air Force Colonel shot another Air Force Colonel in the back.

The news tonight had a story about Jessica Hahn. You remember her,right? She was famous for sleeping with Jim Bakker. I was as shocked as anyone when that story came out. I had always thought that he was gay and his wife Tammy Faye was some kind of cover story. It turned out that he was a straight guy who had a thing for ugly women with horrible voices.

I don't know if Playboy has ever done a list of the ugliest women to appear in their magazine, but I figure that Jessica has got to be in the Top Ten in that category.

Ken Blitchington, the guy who claims to be my only friend, is a grandfather again. His younger daughter gave to a baby girl a few days ago. Since Ken blames me for his daughter's knowledge of profanity, I can't wait to meet his granddaughter.

More bad news for Ken. There is another person in North Carolina claiming to be my friend. More details on this at a future time. I'm waiting to see if I blow this before St. Patrick's Day. You can help me avoid any problems by sending me some Irish jokes. You can post them as comments, I'll take it from there.

Later this week, I will discuss the most embarrassing moment in my life. It happened last Thursday. Here's a hint, Rodney Carrington was wrong.

My wife is heading to Charlotte tomorrow to see the Clay Aiken concert. I would attend the concert but I have to work. Thank you, GOD!!

What's a nerd thinking at 3:30 A.M? Today it was Rain Jacket, I finally remembered the ##**## rain jacket.


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