Friday, February 25, 2011

Fueled Up On Friday

Anyone other than me feel raped at the gas station today?? When I went to work Thursday afternoon, gas was $3.12. When I left work ten hours later, gas was $3.29. What happened? According to the news, prices are up because of instability in the Middle East. When was the Middle East last considered stable?

Does anyone understand the Obama policy in regards to the current situation in the Middle East and North Africa? According to Obama, Mubarak had to go. Yet Gaddafi is okay to stay. Are you kidding me?? Is Gaddafi from Chicago?? {Update from 2/26. Obama has learned to pronounce Gaddafi, and has demanded that he leave Libya and come back home to Chicago.)

I am tired of talking heads on the television telling me that Americans are dependent on imported oil. Call me when you have news! Baruch Spinoza said something to the effect of "No matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides." This is the case here. While Americans are dependent upon foreign oil, those countries are addicted to American money. They spend lavishly and depend on our money to finance their habits. We have forgotten how to negotiate.

Does the price of gas affect me? I burn between 125 and 150 gallons of gas a month in my minivan. You do the math.

This afternoon, I stopped for my colonoscopy at the gas station. While I was there, I ran into John Taylor. I haven't seen John in a couple of years. When I left the SCV, John was the first guy to follow me out of the group. I am not sure that I ever thanked John for his support. If I failed to do that, thanks John! Anyway, John was telling me that he reads my blog regularly. I was discussing my most recent post with him. I explained that I had told the story to a customer before deciding to post it. He asked "Was that customer the Queen?" Yes John, it was the Queen, but she's still afraid of becoming famous. I can't say anymore.


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