Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

First, here's a free plug for the Blog2Print outfit. I clicked on their ad here on Blogger about ten days ago. I ordered a book with the last three months of my blog as the contents. It came in on Thursday and it really looked good. I gave it to a friend as a gift. Writing this I am reminded of the time Obama gave the Queen of England an iPod filled with his speeches as a gift. I guess that my gift of a book of my blog posts could be on the same vanity level, but my material is much better than his.

My wife has been watching some Harry Potter marathon on the television all weekend. If have to walk past another television with a scene of some dork flying, I am going to lose my lunch. The worst part is that we have Dish Network. I not only hate Harry Potter, I am having to pay to hate it.

Today was my Sunday at church. Since it was the first day of spring, I wore a bright yellow shirt. I haven't had a yellow shirt on since December 26, 1976 and that was a Christmas gift. This one looked a lot better, I guess that I have mellowed. Maybe not, according to my son. I had changed clothes at the restaurant before leaving for church. I left by the back door and he didn't see me in my yellow shirt. When I returned, he spotted the yellow shirt,(Who couldn't?) and called out, "Hey, Big Bird!! Which way is Sesame Street?" I responded with my usual charm by waving the middle finger of my right hand and suggesting that he follow that direction to Sesame Street!! I'm doubting that he will ask again.

Speaking of new shirts, I had to buy a few earlier this week. I was at Dillards and the sales person who has helped me with plaid shirts over many years gave me some advice. She said,"Honey, you have worn plaid long enough. It's time to branch out." I went home with a green shirt, a blue shirt, a yellow shirt, and a Creamsicle orange striped shirt. I too was surprised. I started to buy a pink, yes pink, Nautica shirt at Belk. I actually thought it looked good but I couldn't bring myself to buy it. I can't explain it. I picked it up twice and started towards the register, then put it back. Maybe there's some kind of 12 step program for guys trying to change their image. Someone asked why I bought new shirts. I told them that I was overhauling my image, the old one doesn't work for me anymore.

I attended the New Members class at Buffalo today. It was interesting. Not only was it informative, we had doughnuts. My wife asked me why I was considering becoming a Presbyterian. I pointed out that I never asked why she became a Catholic. I didn't even mention the doughnuts. At least, the quiet time is giving me a chance to post on my blog!

I had a few more compliments today about the Wednesday night meal that I prepared at church this week. Several comments were similar, "When will you be cooking again?". If you are reading this and want an answer, I'll keep you posted.

I read an e-mail comment from a lady at Buffalo about Wednesday that said, "Gilbert is a dear". With that my 35 year old, carefully crafted, honed to near perfection, reputation as a grumpy old bastard went down the drain. I knew this would happen sooner or later. Where do I go from here??


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