Friday, April 08, 2011

Car Show Comments

The spring edition of the Charlotte Car Show is going on right now. Just me and thousands of other fat, white bald guys at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The weather is very good. There go the rain coat sales. The bad thing about warm weather at this show is that there are a bunch of guys walking around with their shirts off. This is not a pretty sight. Who wants to look at a bunch of old guys with big pasty white bellies walking around? While I'm on that theme, what's with with young guys shaving their chests?? It's all I can do to shave my face without needing stitches. I would bleed to death trying to shave my chest. Not to mention that I would look like a dork.

My real problem at the car show is eating correctly and on a timely basis. Thursday I went too long after breakfast before having a snack. I guess that it was all of the excitement of selling some junk.

This in unrelated to the car show, but on Wednesday I lost a bet with The Queen and Whipped Cream Anne on the number of Green Jelly Beans in a bag. I am usually pretty good at that, but I wasn't on Wednesday. I am using some of my car show time practicing my estimating skills. I must be a little rusty.

I have already encountered my fair share of (your choice of profanity here). I'll write more on that when I have time. I'm at Denny's and my Maple Bacon Sundae has just arrived. I'm only kidding. I will have that at dinner, or is that for dinner?


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