Thursday, April 14, 2011


A lot of my posts are humorous and possibly even entertaining, but I'm pretty sure that this one is not headed that way. This morning I sent an e-mail to a friend thanking them for a kind act. I was at a loss for words. I realize that not much beats a simple "Thank You". However, sometimes you want to elaborate a little on that. I just couldn't do that this morning.

My mother's health is declining pretty quickly. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma about two and a half years ago. The last few months have not been good for her. She and my sister are going to Charlotte in a couple of weeks for a family visit. I am going there to see her during that time.

What do you say to your mother when you know that she doesn't have too much longer to live? What do you say if it might be the last time that you see her alive? I am not sure that a simple "Thank You" will cover that circumstance. I'm pretty sure that there's not a Hallmark card for this occasion. I guess that I will just have to figure it out when I get there. I can't come up with anything today. I realize that everybody goes through the death of a loved one at some time, but it's still tough for me today.

Over the last couple of years I have driven to Florida to visit Mom several times. They were usually short visits, but they were enjoyable. We usually just sat around and talked. My mother has always been quick with a quip. I guess that came to me in the DNA package. Today, Mom's about lost that gift and I'm at a loss for words. At least my condition is temporary.

A few years ago, Mom wrote Part One of her life's history or as the independent woman in her labeled it "Herstory". I got it out late last night and read it again. I guess if there's ever going to be a Part Two, one of us will have to write it.

Mom, if you read this, it's been one hell of a run! You did a great job! Thanks for everything. I love you!!


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