Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Stuff

I officially became a member of Buffalo Presbyterian Church today. I was more than a little nervous about it this morning. Don't bother asking why, I don't know. It's a good church, lots of nice people. I seem to fit in pretty well. The Queen was in for breakfast and was entertained by my level of anxiety. She later sent an e-mail that began "Stiff upper lip..." One wedding on Friday and suddenly we are all British again?? What's going on with that?

I arrived at church a little early and relayed my anxiety level to Jesse. He assured me that he had never lost a member at this point. I reminded him that there was a first time for everything. By the time the service ended, I was the most relieved guy in the church. I had checked my blood pressure at about 8:30 A.M. It was pretty high. I checked it again at 12:30, down 30 points. Whew!!

On Saturday, I received word that the NC Employment Security Commission had ruled that the prep cook caught stealing at the restaurant was NOT eligible for unemployment compensation. Finally, one goes my way!

My best dishwasher returned to work on Friday. Just out of a 45 day stint at the Guilford County prison farm, he was happy to be at work. Friday morning, I saw him eating pancakes with a spoon. I told him that he was free now and could use a fork.

I used to tell people that I loved to see employees buying new cars. It meant that they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. With my dishwasher, it's a little different. One of his "baby's mama" is great with child again. He's not going anywhere. For him, it's work or jail for child support.

Finally, a word of thanks to all of the people at Buffalo Church for their warm welcome today. From Loretta shocking me with a loud "You're in!!" and being the first to welcome me to Ray making me feel petite with his hearty handshake. Jesse, I was looking for the emergency exit until that final prayer!! Bill, thanks for wearing a louder shirt than mine. Clyde, sorry that I didn't recognize you with the choir robe on. Barbara and Clyda, I'll let you know about the Wednesday night volunteer thing. Thanks to Wayne, Nancy, Arlene, Anne, Joe and all of the other people who relieved my anxiety today. If I omitted your name, I'm sorry.


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