Friday, May 06, 2011

Racism in Guilford County Government??

This morning's News and Record has a story about The Conservatives for Guilford County wanting to meet with the County Commission about the budget. Skip Alston, the famous racist, weighed in with this comment published in the News and Record.

"But Alston said he didn't consider the group to be informed about county finances and said their suggestions — which he called “irresponsible” and “slash and burn” — don’t interest him. He also said the group isn’t racially diverse, claiming he had yet to see a black member of the group.
“Therefore, my constituents are left out,” Alston said.

Before a mob forms to argue with my labeling Alston as a racist, allow me to point out that those who make judgments based on skin color are by definition, racists. Imagine the reaction if a white commissioner had said that he didn't want to meet with a group because they were all black. The NAACP would be marching in the streets. It's strange how quiet they are about Mr. Alston's comments.

Skippie's comment that his constituents are left out would lead one to believe that his all of his constituents are black. I don't believe that this is true. Mr. Alston's job is to represent ALL of his constituents. Try doing your job, Skip.


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