Sunday, May 08, 2011

What I learned this week

On Saturday I toured the Caswell County Courthouse with the Chapman Society. I learned that there are still some young people with an interest in history. The flip side is that at lunch I learned that there are women with way too many piercings and tattoos. Why does anyone get their tongue pierced??

This morning I was reminded that you don't have to be smart to use the telephone. Around 7:30 A.M. the phone rang at the restaurant. A woman asked, "What time do you open?" I responded, "We opened at 6:00 A.M." She said, "So you are open now?" I fought off the urge to ask what time zone she was calling from and simply responded "Correct."

Wednesday night, I learned that people don't ask all of their senseless questions in restaurants. A lady at the church covered dish supper started telling me how no one bothered to read the large sign that said "Sweet" by the tea. Instead they preferred to ask her if the tea was sweet. I suggested that she could come hang out at the restaurant for a couple of hours if she really wanted to see people who couldn't read.

Wednesday, I also learned two lessons about desserts. First, there are a lot of good desserts at a covered dish dinner. Second. If you leave four pieces of lemon pound cake in the refrigerator when you go to bed, there will not be four pieces there when you get up in the morning. Thanks, Will.

This morning I learned that some things just don't happen unless I cause them to happen. Employees will empty a box in the stockroom and just leave it there. They will work around it rather than move it. We may need to redefine lazy.

Expanding on that thought is the realization that many people go to work everyday terrified that someone else is going to do less than they are going to do. I'm sorry, but in some cases that might require one party to be dead.

This happens often, but it is still worth a mention. A waitress comes up to me and asks, "We don't have any chocolate milk in the refrigerator or any in the walk-in cooler. Are we out?" Sounds like it to me!

Wednesday at work, I was reminded that burgundy shirts and bleach don't mix. A customer suggested that I could wear the shirt again in the winter when I could wear a sweater over it hiding the spot. Honey, thanks for the idea, but I'll just give it to Goodwill instead.

Last Sunday I learned not to bet with a professional gambler. Then again, it wasn't that big a bet and I enjoyed the scones anyway.

Saturday morning Jeff and I learned that you should keep a closer eye on the Queen's table early in the morning. That one's an inside joke!

Just a few minutes ago, I learned that my wife's puppy isn't completely housebroken. I also learned that my dog walking days aren't over yet.


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