Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

Democrats and hair stylists everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief since Donald Trump announced that he will not run for President in 2012.

Critics of the Hairball claimed that Trump's business experience had been tainted because of some bankruptcies. Hey guys! Have you heard of General Motors?? Wait!! The government still owns most of that one.

Trump claimed that his television show, which I have never even wanted to watch, was more critical than running for President. At least he was honest about his priorities. Obama doesn't even have priorities.

Trump criticized Obama about the birth certificate thing. It must have worked as the White House released another version of his birth certificate. Obama's birth certificate is kind of like a computer program. They keep releasing improved versions until they get it right. We're on Birth Certificate 5.2 right now.

As long as we are talking birth certificates, how about one for that swirl of hair on Trump's head? As a long time bald guy, I can assure you that hair does not grow on anything with that result. It reminds me a little of Sam "One strand Sam" Donaldson when he was on ABC. He had one strand of hair covering most of his head. If he had combed it out, that one strand would have reached his knees.

On a related topic, Mike Huckabee announced that he will not be a candidate in 2012. Apparently, television shows are more lucrative than the Presidency.

The Chosen One recently visited the Mexican border and attacked the Republicans for wanting a "moat filled with alligators". Actually, Mr."I can't prove I was born", I was thinking more of a moat filled with piranha.

I saw that the price of gas has dropped almost TWO cents a gallon. That's our government at work!

The economy must be getting better. I hired two college students for summer jobs. That's the first time that we have done that in years. Of course, we have hired regular employees who didn't make it through the summer, so what do we have to lose??

My older son's future wife does not like pink shirts on men. All I need to do now is find a matching tuxedo to wear to their wedding. He doesn't want me to do that. He thinks that it will clash with the orange ensemble that he wants to wear. My younger son is ordering kilts for us to wear. I guess that I can finally carry that dirk properly. We will see how it all looks when the music starts!


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