Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Words

The arrest of the Pakistanis who helped the  United States find and kill Osama bin Laden should end any idea that Pakistan is our ally. It is time to pack up and come home. Why waste another life in that part of the world?

I saw that Hugh Hefner was dumped by his bride-to-be just a few days before their wedding. Maybe the sixty year age difference was a little too much. While I don't have a problem with age differences in marriage, I think that sixty years might be too big a difference to handle. He might have a few good days left in him.

Father's Day is this Sunday, so if you are Walter or William, here are a couple of tips. Try Lowe's or Barnes & Noble. Don't pick out a book at B&N, I'll choose my own. Anything from Lowe's is okay. The sale tools are in the aisle near the entrance.

I read a great book last week and when I work up the nerve, I'll post the blog post that I wrote about it.

For those asking about "the dog", the puppy weighs about fifty pounds now. In the evenings when I take her outside she chases fireflies. That's on the nights that she doesn't just race back and forth doing wind sprints. I tried to take her with me on a walk a couple of weeks ago. After dragging her 200 feet to the end of the drive, I realized that she wasn't interested. I walked alone!!

Yesterday was Flag Day. I posted a Flag Day special at the restaurant and was amazed at the number of people who did NOT know that it was Flag Day.  Just for the record, Independence Day is coming up soon.

For those wondering about the famous "pink shirts", I have branched out. Today is yellow shirt day. I have more experience with yellow shirts. At Taco Bell in the late 1970's, managers wore yellow shirts and brown vests. I wish  that that vests would come back into style. There's a couple of extra pockets to put stuff into and the vest makes it easier to conceal a gun.

In more brightly colored shirt news, I have a new shirt that is a light aqua color from the Anna Mitchell Colllection at Belk.

For those in fear of kilts, I still haven't worked up the nerve to wear my kilt to work. Maybe on July 4th, but don't bank on it. Judging by the number of people telling me that they want to be there with their cameras for that event, it could boost business.

I appeared on WFMY-TV last week. I was interviewed about debit card fees. My only problem was when I watched it, I saw some old guy who sounded like me. *##*, should have worn the pink shirt.

Jamacus, if you are reading this, what happened to the Heat? Wait, basketball is a team sport. I have a friend who is always a little surprised when I mention sports. This one's for you!! I'm waiting for one of your football parties to speak at length on sports.


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