Friday, July 01, 2011

Freaky Friday

Mark Halperin of Time magazine and MSNBC has been suspended indefinitely for answering a question about President Obama. Asked about Obama's performance recently, he responded "I think that he was a dick yesterday."  That's just crude!  Coming from me, that is an indictment. All that Oblamer has done and failed to do and that was Halperin's best shot?? How about a little creativity, Mark? That's probably about number 87 on the list of names that I would have called him. There are so many more derogatory names that he could have used and he didn't try any. I would have suspended him for poor performance. Mark, next time that you get this opportunity on national television, take full advantage of it.

Upon further reflection, this happened on MSNBC, I can't believe that anyone actually heard it.

Elaine and Dick (Not Obama) were in for dinner last night. Elaine said that they are rarely in two nights in a row, but she wanted to make sure that I knew that they had not been here on Saturday. They had been at a birthday party, so those were not her underwear in the sewer. Thanks for clearing that up Elaine!!

The Post Office is losing billions of dollars a year. So to celebrate this year, they are closing today at 2:00 PM, Friday, July 1 and will be closed July 2, 3, and 4. Then they will have to work overtime on Tuesday to sort and deliver all of the mail that piled up over the long weekend. What a plan!! Look for the billions in losses to grow.

I stopped at Wendy's the other day and decided to get a hamburger. The burgers all come with cheese. If you aren't a cheese eater, you're paying for it anyway. I realize that a lot of places are doing this, but can't you just order a hamburger?  Memo to myself: Don't stop at Wendy's again.


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